Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I HEART color pencil! My poor high school art student's know it! The one thing they don't know is that I experiment with color pencil as much as I can....This piece is done on copper! I got a 5" x 7" piece of copper from Dick Blick (online) and patined (sp?) it. Once it had a nice green and white tint to it I started adding my design with color pencil.

When I was visiting the Oregon coast I fell in love with the trees effected by the ocean winds and knew I HAD to draw one. Since my dad passed away, my mom and I have noticed a lot of "spots" in our photos. Some people believe they are spirit guides of people we have sent to the other side. So, I've added a lot of "spirit guides" to this design. Whether you believe or not....it is an asthestically pleasing design...right?

sorry to be so anti social

So, you've maybe wondered where the hell I've been for so long.... well, I'm in a bit of a funk. Work has taken the soul out of me. I can't walk into a store without freaking out socially anymore. You may never understand if you've never been oversocialized before! I will survive....I am an artist that can retreat into her artwork and somehow find salvation!!!!
This is a color pencil piece that took me WAY too long to count but I love it....I went to New York City to visit my beloved cousin, Chris Seppa (a Manhatten cop) and she gave us the tour of the century! She is THE BEST!
Any who...she took me to Mood, the place where Project Runway goes shopping in NY. I saw these ribbons, took a snap shot, and then HAD to draw it!
It was hard for me because I'm not an architectural type artist and believe it or not it took alot of architectural lines to get it right! I really loved how the tape turned out...hope you love it too!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My very cre8ive Sister-in-Law is a designer for Maya Roads. She took photos I took in Paris and made this cre8ive book and gave it to me! Lucky!!!!! I'm so very lucky!!!!!! Isn't it BE A U TIFUL????

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cre8ive lady

Bobbi Kelly is the next artist's space we visited. She was my art teacher in high school and very nicely she retired so that I could have her job after I got my degree.

Like many of our artist's she has taken over a bedroom for her studio. However, she has a super comfy spot in her living room to create art too! The space here is her studio that she claims is unorganized but it looks mighty fine to me!

She has a lot of artwork throughout her house of either her creation or some other talented soul. (including me!)

Bobbi is ALWAYS working on something. She is a very busy retired lady!

One of the many cre8ive features Bobbi has in her home is a cork wall! How amazingly handy is that?

I know if I were Bobbi, this would be my favorite place to work. Right in front of the tv! I can watch my Celebrity Apprentice and get all of my art done too! Throughout Bobbi's house you can tell a cre8ive spirit lives there. Thank you for sharing your cre8ive home with us Bobbi!

Cre8ive spaces

I don't know where all of the time has gone since my last posting...sorry! I'm just finishing up spring break and I feel a little bit refreshed. TG! So, I'll try to whip out some posts now.

Where were we? Oh yes, we are on a studio tour of local Mountain Home artists from the Visual Art Committee. Before we even walked into our next artist's home, we could tell there was going to be a lot of cre8ivity! This cute little bird acts like her doorbell!

Our artist, Cynthia Henstock, built this house with her husband and they lovingly call it the Cedar House. It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Inside of her home it has all of the gorgeous wood exposed.

Cynthia is an amazing watercolor painter that creates beautiful Idaho scenes. Her studio is one of her bedrooms filled with great light, organization, and supplies! Thank you for sharing your space, Cynthia!

Monday, January 19, 2009

studio tour

I belong to a super group of artists, called the Visual Art Committee (VAC). We decided to tour each others studios this past weekend for the fun of it. And BOY! was it fun! Patti Hamaishi was the first artist to open up her home for us. She just moved into her home a little over a year ago so it still had that new home smell to it. These pictures are samples of the very brave color palette her kids chose to paint their rooms. I LOVE their colors! I need to try to be that brave one day. The Welcome sign was created by Patti's son, Paul.

This is inside of her studio which is tucked away upstairs away from the main living area. It is a wonderful, large space filled with natural light thanks to a couple of sky lights and windows at both ends of the room. Patti has a lot of storage to hold all of her supplies and books which is so important. On the left in this picture is built ins with lots of wonderful counterspace while on the right are beautiful wood cases she stores a lot of her art books in. And then right down the middle are a couple of tables in which she does her work and invites other people to join her on occasion.
Patti and her husband bought these horizontal files in which she can store even more art supplies as well as house her mat cutter on top! We were all very jealous of the files!!!
Here are the beautiful bookcases with just a small sample of her art books!
Patti also has her own bathroom and another sink in her cre8ive space! What a lucky gal! Thank you for opening up your studio for us Patti.

Stay tuned for more studios from our tour in my upcoming blogs!