Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cre8ive lady

Bobbi Kelly is the next artist's space we visited. She was my art teacher in high school and very nicely she retired so that I could have her job after I got my degree.

Like many of our artist's she has taken over a bedroom for her studio. However, she has a super comfy spot in her living room to create art too! The space here is her studio that she claims is unorganized but it looks mighty fine to me!

She has a lot of artwork throughout her house of either her creation or some other talented soul. (including me!)

Bobbi is ALWAYS working on something. She is a very busy retired lady!

One of the many cre8ive features Bobbi has in her home is a cork wall! How amazingly handy is that?

I know if I were Bobbi, this would be my favorite place to work. Right in front of the tv! I can watch my Celebrity Apprentice and get all of my art done too! Throughout Bobbi's house you can tell a cre8ive spirit lives there. Thank you for sharing your cre8ive home with us Bobbi!

Cre8ive spaces

I don't know where all of the time has gone since my last posting...sorry! I'm just finishing up spring break and I feel a little bit refreshed. TG! So, I'll try to whip out some posts now.

Where were we? Oh yes, we are on a studio tour of local Mountain Home artists from the Visual Art Committee. Before we even walked into our next artist's home, we could tell there was going to be a lot of cre8ivity! This cute little bird acts like her doorbell!

Our artist, Cynthia Henstock, built this house with her husband and they lovingly call it the Cedar House. It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Inside of her home it has all of the gorgeous wood exposed.

Cynthia is an amazing watercolor painter that creates beautiful Idaho scenes. Her studio is one of her bedrooms filled with great light, organization, and supplies! Thank you for sharing your space, Cynthia!