Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How can you stay mad at a robot?

Lately life seems a bit out of control...with the financial markets in turmoil, our country is still in a war, and every penny is precious. What's the use in getting crazy over it? There is little we can do. So, I propose you let go of the anger, worry, or fret and cre8 something that makes you happy! Peace!

Monday, September 22, 2008

School is back in session

It's actually over a month into the school year and I'm just now getting to blog. Funny how a simple job can take over your life! It's all good though. The kids are creating amazing stuff and in my couple of minutes here or there I get to also! The cupcake above is one of four that I did for an upcoming show in Boise. I'll be the featured artist at Bun in the Oven on First Thursday, October 2nd. It goes from 5-9 pm so it would be great to see you all there! Bun in the Oven is located in Bodo (down the street from PF Changs) and they will be serving wine and appetizers! Bring everyone you know!!! Have you eaten anything lately that looks good enough to paint? Go ahead and have fun being cre8ive with your food!