Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lately I've been outta of sorts. My mom has been recovering from a stroke, an eye surgery, and a Segway accident. She is very independent but I must still be there for her every day to make sure things are going smoothly. Luckily my husband loves my mom and takes really good care of her and fills in when I can't. In the last couple of weeks I've had two good friends discover they have cancer. I don't pretend that I know how to handle such news. The smart thing would be to not add to my problems, however, I will do that in times. Please! Show me the strength to be smart and strong and good! Take care friends in the WWW.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My friend and I had fun collaborating on a few paintings! I would do one layer, then she would do the next, and then I would get it back and do something else to it and so forth until we felt it was finished. It's so much fun! If you're stuck in a rut, try collaborating with a person that inspires you and see what cre8ivity comes about.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer's almost over! aaargh!

I've had this monkey on my back for awhile. My dear friend, Sandra gave me her potters wheel and a bunch of wonderfully sewn customized things in exchange for some names of her loved ones. I just had a heck of a time getting this one finished even though I knew what I wanted to do because I sketched it out forever ago. Crazy how I can just sit on a project forever. But, I'm so very happy with the results. I love the little robots and I'm sure Barry will because he makes robots for fun...he's one of those amazingly smart people! I hope you all are enjoying your summer! Be cre8ive before summers over!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I just finished a name for a gal's grandson who likes bugs and trucks and airplanes. What do you think? I can read the name ok but I wonder if it's toooooo abstract? I had so much fun doing it and I really hope the family likes it!

Meanwhile, I have finally finished a name for a dear former student and friend of mine. Dinosaurs playing sports! The themes are always cre8ive! I love the cre8ivity coming out of the people I get to work with on my cre8ive words! Thanks everyone!

I've been working on some special projects for the Mountain Home Arts Council but I can't share them with you yet. As soon as I can....I'll post the work here! I love the project! Hope you will too! It's very cre8ive

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogging is like dieting and drinking

I start out with such good intentions to blog more regularly, eat right, exercise, and don't ever drink more than 2 drinks and well, hmmmm, something happens. There was a time that I felt like I was very good at maintaining things...the laundry, the house, the car, the bills, my desk, my relationships, however I'm either losing my energy to sustain it all or I have too much to do! Well, for my one lone blog reader, never fear, I'm not giving up. It just will not be perfect. Hope that works!

Since the last time I blogged a lot has happened. My dear mom suffered a stroke. Luckily my sister was there to save her life! Yes, I'm related to a real live hero! Well, mom is doing very well now with months of therapy and treatment. Thank you God! During the time mom was recooperating, everything went on hold. She had to have 24 hour care. Between my family and I we somehow did what we needed to do. And, now we can start getting back into our routines. So, I've updated my website, http://www.brendaraub.com/ and now my blog. I'm on a roll...

This painting is using a new technique one of my creative friends, Jonna, taught me that she had learned from the amazing Jesse Reno! It's a lot of fun to paint with your fingers and that's exactly what this is...a finger painting! Have a cre8ive day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I HEART color pencil! My poor high school art student's know it! The one thing they don't know is that I experiment with color pencil as much as I can....This piece is done on copper! I got a 5" x 7" piece of copper from Dick Blick (online) and patined (sp?) it. Once it had a nice green and white tint to it I started adding my design with color pencil.

When I was visiting the Oregon coast I fell in love with the trees effected by the ocean winds and knew I HAD to draw one. Since my dad passed away, my mom and I have noticed a lot of "spots" in our photos. Some people believe they are spirit guides of people we have sent to the other side. So, I've added a lot of "spirit guides" to this design. Whether you believe or not....it is an asthestically pleasing design...right?

sorry to be so anti social

So, you've maybe wondered where the hell I've been for so long.... well, I'm in a bit of a funk. Work has taken the soul out of me. I can't walk into a store without freaking out socially anymore. You may never understand if you've never been oversocialized before! I will survive....I am an artist that can retreat into her artwork and somehow find salvation!!!!
This is a color pencil piece that took me WAY too long to count but I love it....I went to New York City to visit my beloved cousin, Chris Seppa (a Manhatten cop) and she gave us the tour of the century! She is THE BEST!
Any who...she took me to Mood, the place where Project Runway goes shopping in NY. I saw these ribbons, took a snap shot, and then HAD to draw it!
It was hard for me because I'm not an architectural type artist and believe it or not it took alot of architectural lines to get it right! I really loved how the tape turned out...hope you love it too!