Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sorry to be so anti social

So, you've maybe wondered where the hell I've been for so long.... well, I'm in a bit of a funk. Work has taken the soul out of me. I can't walk into a store without freaking out socially anymore. You may never understand if you've never been oversocialized before! I will survive....I am an artist that can retreat into her artwork and somehow find salvation!!!!
This is a color pencil piece that took me WAY too long to count but I love it....I went to New York City to visit my beloved cousin, Chris Seppa (a Manhatten cop) and she gave us the tour of the century! She is THE BEST!
Any who...she took me to Mood, the place where Project Runway goes shopping in NY. I saw these ribbons, took a snap shot, and then HAD to draw it!
It was hard for me because I'm not an architectural type artist and believe it or not it took alot of architectural lines to get it right! I really loved how the tape turned out...hope you love it too!