Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cre8ive Fun!

I call this little gal my Inspiration Angel. She shares ideas with me so that I can be more cre8ive. I made her today with my friends Jonna and Donna. (No, they aren't twins even though they sound like they could be. ) My Inspiration Angel started out with a little whisk broom, then burlap and cheese cloth. She's got barbed wire wings, a lightbulb wired with a spring to her head, and a pull chain for some extra bling. This was sooooo much fun! I had SO much fun that I had to make TWO dolls! The 2nd one is a flower child...She's got the long hair donated from Jonna's horse. She's got her big flower on her belly thanks to a faucet and what's a hippy without roach clips? Her arms are made of clips with wires that had the ends stripped to make copper hands. It's a lot of fun to use odds and ends sitting around your basement. I hope you'll be cre8ive with reuseable items too! Enjoy!